How you can be involved

Hello and welcome to the content creation portal for Riders that Write. As a content creator for Riders that Write, you will have the ability to have your work published here for the world to see. We pride ourselves on self-expression and providing a space for content creators to prosper. So we welcome each and every one of you to this exciting adventure into the world of the Riders that Write content team.

As probably the most prevalent question: what kind of content are we looking for?

I’m going to break it down real simple… we are looking for anything that originates in self-expression and is centered around anything to do with Atlanta. Now, that sounds very broad and you may be thinking, this is not really explaining too much.

You’d be correct.

This is a space for you to just express whatever you want. Atlanta is our home, and we, as Riders and Writers must push forth, the seams of our creative outlets and let the world see what the people of this great city are expressing.

Now, don’t be mistaken by our name— when we say “writers” we are referring to any form of artistry. We want the painter, the poet, the sculptor, the photographer, the soapbox person, the videographer, and of course the writer. However, we are not limited to just these, if your creative outlet is not listed here do not hesitate to continue the publication process!

We love seeing new forms of art!

So if you are still wondering what it is we are looking for, I’ll break it down very simple with a bullet list of ideas to consider.

  • A blog post about an event happening
  • A POV riding on the Beltline
  • A review of one of the many restaurants at the Ponce City Market
  • A poem about traffic and puddles
  • Drawings! (Seriously, we love illustrations)
  • A painting of the Atlanta skyline OR even the early morning commute

Hopefully, the list above can provide you with the motivation and the artistry you already got!

To submit your work, please send it to